Waste Not, Want Not

An unfortunate byproduct of competition cooking is the enormous amount of waste it generates.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I go through a ton of meat to find that perfect piece to put before the judges.  I have sent countless chickens to that great hen house in the sky just because they were unfortunate enough to be born with a delicious set of gams.  Well I say enough is enough!

My second favorite golden liquid behind beer is homemade chicken stock.  I put that stuff in everything.  Luckily, thanks to a nasty BBQ addiction, I always have spare bird trimmings to whip some up.  Next time you are trimming some thighs on a Wednesday night, give this a shot.  Give that chicken’s life purpose!


Toss your extra thighs and trimmings into a crockpot with a couple of onions, carrots, and celery cut into big chunks.  Put them in skin and all.  They won’t hurt you.  Add some garlic and any herbs you may have on hand (leftover parsley stems from making those putting green turn-in boxes works well), cover with water,  and let that thing stew on low until you feel like dealing with it the next day.  Strain the liquid into a container and then toss in the fridge.  Use as needed or you can portion it out and freeze it for latter use.  You will never buy that store bought crap again.

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