Cuban Sandwiches

I cook 30+ competitions a year so I am always looking for new ways to get rid of my leftovers. One of my favorite things to make using pulled pork is a Cuban Sandwich. The salty pork, melted cheese, and crackle of the pressed bread make for a difficult to beat combination. I usually pull […]


Snake River Farms Holiday Ham

Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. Growing up, Easter dinner was one of my favorite meals of the year for one reason… The ham. Nothing beats a huge hunk of pork cooked until the fat and skin on the outside forms a crispy crackling crust and then finished with a sticky […]


Pulled Pork

Generally speaking, pulled pork is the first “big” meat that an aspiring pitmaster will try to tackle.  It is relatively inexpensive,  full of delicious fatty flavor, and much like pizza… even when it’s bad it’s good.  These same qualities also make it the perfect first meat to throw on your Gateway Drum. The kicker is, […]