Beware the Cans of March

Et tu, Jo Bawb’s?  The Ides of March have come and past, but the Cans of March will live on forever in awe and infamy.  Meat was seasoned, dropped, punted and thrown, but ultimately the cans overcame all self-inflicted obstacles to have one of the best weekends on record for the Insane Can Posse.  Sure, there were rumblings of greatness in the preceding weeks; Kosmos Q was riding high with two Reserve Grand Championships, Smokey D’s BBQ used their can to take a Reserve Grand Championship at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo, and KC Can Crew went down to Texas and beat them at their own game by winning brisket at an IBCA event, but to put on this kind of performance against this kind of competition was unimaginable at the start of the weekend.


Smokin at the Run has quickly become one of the biggest and baddest BBQ competitions on the planet.  Buffalo Run Casino along with David and Christine Qualls put on a first class event designed to be by cooks for cooks.  All meals are provided (more on that in another post!), the power and water are as advertised (except for T-Mac!), ice is free (I think….), and there is a hotel and casino right at the event!  It is two full days of competition where close to 90 of the best teams in the country compete for Grand Championships on both Saturday and Sunday and then the scores of both days are tallied to pick overall 2-day winners.  Lots of trophies and cash are on the line and the ICP got more than their share.


Friday night went off with minimal stupidity, apparently we were bottling it all up inside for the next night.  Day one winners for the ICP included:

  • Jo-Bawb’s BBQ – 1st place chicken with a perfect score of 180!
  • Kosmo’s Q – kept his chicken streak alive with a 5th place
  • Uncle BC’s – 7th place chicken
  • T-Mac Smokin – 10th place chicken
  • Brewmasters Bar-B-Que – 2nd place ribs
  • Uncle BC’s – 5th place ribs
  • Shake’N Bake BBQ – 8th place ribs
  • Brewmasters Bar-B-Que – 2nd place pork with a perfect score of 180!
  • Smoke This BBQ MO – 9th place pork
  • Gettin’ Basted – 8th place brisket
  • Gettin’ Basted – 8th overall
  • Uncle BC’s – 4th overall
  • Brewmasters Bar-B-Que  – Reserve Grand Champions!

Saturday night was filled with plenty of stupidity, but somehow everyone managed to survive.  We got a 6 month head start on the Insane Can Party normally held at the American Royal.  Cans were danced on, Tim Scheer punted a smelly pork butt, and Brad Leighninger tried a new face plant, asphalt seasoning on his chicken, but at the end of the day it mattered for not and the cans proved, once again, idiot proof.  Day two ICP winners included:

  • Three Hog Night Smokers – 2nd place chicken with a perfect 180!
  • Gettin’ Basted – 5th place chicken
  • K.C. Can Crew – 8th place chicken
  • K.C. Can Crew – 1st place ribs
  • Shake’N Bake BBQ – 6th place ribs
  • Brewmasters Bar-B-Que – 5th place pork
  • Shake’N Bake BBQ – 8th place pork
  • Uncle BC’s – 9th place pork
  • Gettin’ Basted – 1st place brisket
  • Smoke This BBQ MO – 4th place brisket
  • Uncle BC’s – 8th place brisket
  • K.C. Can Crew – 7th overall
  • Shake’N Bake BBQ – 5th overall
  • Gettin’ Basted – Reserve Grand Champions with a 702!


After the two day results were tallied the ICP walked away with the hardware including:

  • Brewmaster’s Bar-B-Que – 2 day pork champion!
  • Gettin’ Basted – 2 day brisket champion!
  • Shake’N Bake BBQ – 5th overall!
  • Uncle BC’s – Reserve Grand Champions!
  • Gettin’ Basted – Grand Champions!

Great results, everyone.  As always, if I forgot anyone let me know in the comments.  If you are cooking a category on a can, we want to know about it!


Is 2015 destined to be the year of the can?  Tune in to find out!

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