Rules Are Rules

A rule is a rule and everyone knows, that rules must be followed even if that rule blows   Chicken is simple, ribs and brisket are too But pork? Ohhhh that pork has one hell of a rule   The beginning is easy, straight to the bolts and the nuts Use a shoulder of pork; […]


Cuban Sandwiches

I cook 30+ competitions a year so I am always looking for new ways to get rid of my leftovers. One of my favorite things to make using pulled pork is a Cuban Sandwich. The salty pork, melted cheese, and crackle of the pressed bread make for a difficult to beat combination. I usually pull […]


Snake River Farms Holiday Ham

Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. Growing up, Easter dinner was one of my favorite meals of the year for one reason… The ham. Nothing beats a huge hunk of pork cooked until the fat and skin on the outside forms a crispy crackling crust and then finished with a sticky […]


Thai Style Spare Ribs

I recently waxed poetic about competition spares in an “Ode To Bones”. Those sweet, sticky ribs are fantastic, but I cook them 40+ times a year. It’s time to get outside of my BBQ box and do something a little different. It’s time to take my Gateway Drum to Southeast Asia and go Thai style. […]


An Ode to Bones

  Gather ‘round the fire my friends, grab your drinks as dark descends For a tale so demented you’ll be certain that I fib. I speak of the tallest man in BBQ, he’s a lot like me and you, And how he taught me how to hang the perfect rib. He told me on a […]


The White Rabbit

225 degrees for 14 hours – the old pitmaster says – it is the only possible way to make a beef brisket moist and tender –I nod, soaking in every last word. He is talking fact, and every pitmaster I have sought out before has said as much. To question this is pure lunacy, but […]

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TOTD – Watch Your Sweets

A common mistake people make when transitioning a recipe from a different cooker to a Gateway Drum is to factor in the amount of sugar.  They dump a pile of brown sugar on their ribs, cover it with honey, wrap it up and plop it direct over the fire on a 300 degree can.  What comes […]


Beware the Cans of March

Et tu, Jo Bawb’s?  The Ides of March have come and past, but the Cans of March will live on forever in awe and infamy.  Meat was seasoned, dropped, punted and thrown, but ultimately the cans overcame all self-inflicted obstacles to have one of the best weekends on record for the Insane Can Posse.  Sure, […]


TOTD – Hot Meat Hurts

Big rubber gloves made for handling meat hot off the grill are cumbersome and unwieldy.  You’d be better off trying to pull your pork or slice your brisket with two mallets taped to your hands than using the bulky unmanageable mitts most BBQ stores sell that are supposedly made for the job. While cooking, I […]