Cooking championship quality BBQ ain’t easy, but armed with a Gateway Drum Smoker and this blog you will amaze your friends and family and have world class ‘que flying out of your backyard in no time!

Our team of elite level pitmasters prove themselves out on the competition circuit each and every week.  They will be sharing their tips, techniques, and recipes in an easy to follow and, most importantly, easily replicated manner.  They will also keep you updated on the world of competition BBQ and the latest seasonings, sauces, and tools of the trade.

Join the Insane Can Posse, grab your favorite libation, and kick back and enjoy the ride.  I know we will!

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One Comment

  1. Tim,
    My wife Shirl and I talked to you last Sunday at McHenry Blues Brews and BBQ, after the comp, next to Big “E”s” setup. Haven’t tried the sauce yet, but will soon. Thank you again!!!
    Continued success, and hope to try your que again!!

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