TOTD – Hot Meat Hurts

Big rubber gloves made for handling meat hot off the grill are cumbersome and unwieldy.  You’d be better off trying to pull your pork or slice your brisket with two mallets taped to your hands than using the bulky unmanageable mitts most BBQ stores sell that are supposedly made for the job. While cooking, I […]


Pulled Pork

Generally speaking, pulled pork is the first “big” meat that an aspiring pitmaster will try to tackle.  It is relatively inexpensive,  full of delicious fatty flavor, and much like pizza… even when it’s bad it’s good.  These same qualities also make it the perfect first meat to throw on your Gateway Drum. The kicker is, […]


TOTD – Don’t Burn Your Deck Down

Our tip today comes courtesy of Tim Scheer, pitmaster of Shake’N Bake BBQ. Fire safety matters, kids; use protection.  We cook hot and fast and the heat coming off the bottom of our drums can be intense!  Nothing is worse than watching your shiny new Gateway Drum plummet through a perfectly sized hole of its […]


TOTD – Foil the Handles

In an exciting (relative to a root canal) and new feature here on our beloved blog, I will be polling the best pitmasters around to bring you a tip of the day!  Despite the name, this won’t happen every day; just some days.  Doing it every day requires WAY too much commitment! First up is […]


The Sweet, Hot Boatright

I received a special care package from my buddy Darian at Kosmos Q on the Saturday before the super bowl.  I already had some chicken wings in the refer for the big game, so I decided to crack open the chicken soak and give it a whirl.  Early Sunday afternoon, I mixed it up just […]