Bentonville Blitzkrieg

And then there were 2.  Midwest City, Oklahoma is in the books and it was a mixed bag for the good guys of the Posse.  After the dust settled, Shake’n Bake BBQ and Gettin’ Basted both squeaked by and will play for a national championship and a share of $150,000 this weekend in Bentonville, Arkansas. […]


Waste Not, Want Not

An unfortunate byproduct of competition cooking is the enormous amount of waste it generates.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I go through a ton of meat to find that perfect piece to put before the judges.  I have sent countless chickens to that great hen house in the sky just because they […]


Who Are You People?

As the humble host of this little slice of internet ridiculousness, I must beg your forgiveness.  I believe a little housekeeping is in order.  You have found this site, browsed a few posts and maybe even learned a thing or two.  Fantastic!  It is at this point of your journey through mediocre blogdom that you […]


The Insane Can Posse Invades Midwest City

Katie bar the door.  The inmates are out of the asylum!  The Posse will be well represented this weekend in Midwest City, Oklahoma, as four of our finest try to punch their tickets to the National Championship in Bentonville, Arkansas on September, 27th.  If you are in the area, come on out and root us […]


Gettin’ Basted Competition Style Chicken Thighs

  Chicken is the first meat that a cook turns in at a BBQ competition and, believe it or not, we have a pretty good idea how our day is going to go after taking that first bite.  Wander among the teams at your next competition and utter the words “chicken skin” and you are […]